Tamara Frey


Where intention goes
energy flows along the ever-changing life.

A truly passionate Feng Shui Expert for private & corporate entities

Changing Life Patterns

It is time. Now. Manifest your dreams.

I empower people to change life patterns so they can achieve their true potential by creating the unique environment that enhances the energy flow needed to attract success, love and serenity.

Everyone is unique – all my services are bespoke.

Feng Shui

for your home environment

A true home is where love energy swings in full capacity to offer stability, perspective and clarity: your place of power through improved living quality. It’s your own retreat! Feng Shui is always present, in every house, in every room, in every space. It is the awareness and alignment of the energies that change our sleeping patterns, our relationship quality, our wealth, our health, the growth of our children, our interactions with family & friends, our reputation, our career path – in short, our desired ‘walk of life’.
All that exists is shown in polarities, in the principle of + and -, of yin and yang. Following this principle, the law of attraction is key to your Feng Shui practice. Feng Shui teaches people how to create clarity through the external world of a home.

Feng Shui

for your work environment

Is your hunger for growth satisfied? Do you fully enjoy your work environment and are the numbers representing the desired success, do you truly know your customers and clients and their desires? No? Let’s diagnose the energy flow in your business environment. Sometimes it is the entrance area that needs an uplift or become more attractive, sometimes the manager should change the angle for a better perspective and sometimes it is a lack of locking at the surrounding area with its influence. Or it can also be a matter of cluttered space. Harmony is key to a business – our sub consciousness is our guide to reaction and intention if you will: we are all leaders, employees, consumers, clients, students, apprentices, pioneers, innovators… and we all behave along our subconscious mind. How we do something, we do everything! Those who share will be given because clear intention creates reality. We have limitless potential of yielding various energetic results!

Soul Feng Shui

Intuitive Coaching

Ever wondered about the stretch of life, the circle of life? Can you answer the question ‘who are you’ truly? It is time to rise – like the Phoenix from the ashes. Go on the treasure hunt – it is all set-out for you.

Circle of life: as part of nature, we go along the circle of life. In Native American beliefs, we must learn to die before we die or die every day to truly awaken. Not a physical death is meant here, but more a mental death by letting go of thoughts and moving on by accepting but letting go of thought patterns, of limitations and growing by moving on and letting our subconscious direct the conscious mind. Become aware, reflect on your daily life – it holds gems ready for you. You can activate your luck – create your unique and picturesque life path.

“Connect to your own innate energy in order for you to attract abundance in all fields of life.”
Tamara Lucia Frey – Founder.


Open the door. Feel the energy

Soul Feng Shui

Look me in the eyes, babe “For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the...

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Room Feng Shui

Entrance to your lovely home The entrance to a room is often neglected and just serves the known conscious function – open to or closing off. Let me ask you some questions: How do you feel when you approach your home entrance door with awareness? What do you pass by –...

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Crooked is also beautiful and above all: unique I still see the teacher today as he tells the story of the construction of the stone wall. Unlike other topics or "lessons" from school, I remember exactly how I felt when listening to the story: I was very pleased with...

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Work & Feedback

N.G. says

“You know Tamara, prior to the Feng Shui Activation & interior design consultancy we were overwhelmed with possibilities to choose from for our new building. Now we have a guidance we can benefit by and are therefore more relaxed. Thank you.”

R.M. says

“Ever since our first Life Coaching session I know I am supported. With your help, I was able to change or adjust my view of my own self, my potential and my life challenges. A true gift in the journey of life.”

E.W. says

“I am right now decluttering my room. Gosh, I thought it would be a short affair. That’s how one can be wrong. Nevertheless – it is about time! Thank you for opening my eyes.”

P.P. says

“She brings a tremendous amount of energy, professionalism and passion to everything she tackles.”

Tamara Frey
How to create the bridge connecting two sides? Or specifically the conscious and the subconscious which are constantly with us.
With Feng Shui activation in your fields of life you can create the center from where you can nurture your own self, your loved ones. You can always carry the energy from this space with you – it is your retreat and also your power house.
Harmony and wealth are desires the human being is born with. Wealth or abundance known as love, care and appreciation. With a Feng Shui diagnosis different life areas are looked at: The 8 life areas and the heart center according to Feng Shui practice are:
  • career & life path
  • skills, knowledge & self-improvement
  • family & friends
  • wealth, prosperity & abundance
  • heart center: health & well-being
  • fame & reputation
  • love & marriage or partnership
  • children & creativity/projects
  • helpful people & travel
Alongside the intuitive perception of the energy flow in your home or working place, there are several levels which as a Feng Shui consultant I look at. What always plays the key role is your story.

Tamara’s Journey

“Life – it’s an experience for eternity.” Intuitively Tamara Lucia has already spent many years practicing energy work by travelling, by working in different environments and industries and by trusting the ‘walk of life’. All the teachings she shares with clients today, she has experienced herself. There were many aha-moments in all its polarity: those that bring understanding, joy and nurture one’s growth!
We continuously learn, act and react by vibrating energy and therefore play the game of resonance and reflection. Being awake to these vibrations is bliss.