Entrance to your lovely home

The entrance to a room is often neglected and just serves the known conscious function – open to or closing off. Let me ask you some questions:

  • How do you feel when you approach your home entrance door with awareness?
  • What do you pass by – are those items hung up high, laying low, are they clean, what forms do they show?
  • Can you sense a certain odour, a liking or disliking feel?
  • What do you expect from the flat/house you are going to enter to?

In Feng Shui philosophy the (main) entrance represents the mouth. Naturally, through the mouth life energy – nutrition – is taken in. Our senses make us aware of what we like to eat, what suits our taste buds. The same goes with the room having individual requirements for food. One aspect to consider is proportion, others are the colour, the drawing and patterns, the measurements, the reflection and shine and also the accompanying light source. Due to its importance, I recommend paying attention and care to your entrance – whether it is your home or your business. ‘Qi’ travels far and connects energies. When this cosmic life source is welcomed or attracted to a building, it enters naturally and can serve the people living or being in it. For home owners or people who are building a new home it pays off to consult a Feng Shui expert especially for the correct orientation and nature of the main entrance door. After all: ‘Entrance’ means ‘to delight’, ‘act of entering’ and I think it’s worth a thought when we pass through those numerous doors/gates in life.

Good night and good morning

Does this apply to you – do you sleep well? One would think that in ancient China the emperor’s bedrooms were spacious and of very bright colour? That is not quite how it was. The philosophy going along with the space of a bed or bedroom is, that the firmer it is, the more restful and clear the sleep will be. It has to do with vibrations wanting to meet the right frequency and in stillness it is easier to achieve this state of being. A couple of tips you might want to see for yourself:

  • Place the bed’s head against a Wall (head board)
  • Remove mirrors from the bedroom – especially large ones and opposite the bed
  • The ‘one’ thing you see first thing you wake up and open your eyes should be a pleasant item or picture
  • For couples with kids: replace pictures of your kids with your own
  • Bedroom pictures: choose those representing sensuality, calmness, harmony, love
  • Choose bedrooms at the back-end of the house
  • Keep the temperature of the bedroom on a slightly cooler level
  • Avoid placing the head towards a wall where on the other side water pipelines are installed
  • Do not share the head wall with the kitchen
  • Don’t place your bed under a beam
  • It is best to block out light completely from your bedroom
  • Use dim lighting

Something you might want to look at right away: which side of your bed is the woman’s side, on which side does the man sleep? The recommended pattern is that the woman lays on the right side and the man to her left side. As a couple, you not only restore your body in bed but also your pattern of togetherness (going to sleep at same time; focus on each other rather than reading, watching TV…). You might want to review the beauty and experience of the day. Those of you who are singles can actually go along this practice too. The princess or prince might appear quicker once you chose the right bed side…! The good night’s sleep in a Feng Shui bedroom will do its job for you beautifully… The expert will diagnose the best position of your bed, the supportive direction for you to sleep, the best colours, supporting materials and what you should decorate your bedroom with and what does not belong in this recreation area. I wish you a happy sleep – get some peaceful rest. I am only a call away…