Defining Moment Story

Tamara Lucia Frey

Co-creating with people who have the desire to connect, grow and live their calling is a joy I name a privilege. As a heart centered Feng Shui Activation Consultant and Life Coach I work with you on increasing awareness for yourself, your potential and your creation – be it for private or business use, be it from outside in or inside out. With my broad understanding for connectedness I love to use my intuition as well as sense of listening and draw pictures for my clients for them to better understand their own reality of life creation in the NOW.

Tamara Frey

Mine is a truly rewarding journey, my openness giving me the space to observe, learn and build broader awareness and consequently understanding. I have always been excited by travelling and discovering new people relationships and places. I truly love my many travels to fascinating parts of the world, such as my early farm and family stay in Canada, a year of work and travel in South America, my visit to Australia with its boundless natural beauty as well as my time around Svalbard (Island North of Norway). Interesting enough, my journeys have always bloomed from my strong curiosity as well as being spontaneous: in retrospect I followed impulses, doubtless but with a natural heart for day-by-day adventure. Resistance was absent when a new travel was ready to be started! The outward and inward impressions gained during these journeys and the memories I still have from them today, built the bridge to the passion I life daily: consultancy and coaching built on universal laws.

My curious nature and hunger for further growth, lead me leaving my beloved corporate job. I took this as an opportunity to immerse myself in the study of ancient Feng Shui philosophy and tools to apply it as a consultant. From here, I stepped into the field of Life Coaching incorporating the art of using and broaden our sixth sense ‘intuition’. What an opening, what an inspiration to my life by finding this subject so suitable for me. Often, I marriage various aspects of my former career in Corporate Communications with aspects of traditional Feng Shui, Intuitive Coaching, Taoistic Face Reading or Chinese Astrology in my sessions.

Now, years later I can look back on a learning process and recognise that it did set free some true milestones for my life. With my family and thus cultural background has come a deeply instilled interest in my roots and ancestry: to me it became a fascinating journey of better understanding & loving life. My lesson learned is: “Life’s gifts and people unfold themselves to be, and will always remain, kind teachers”.

Tamara’s Journey

“Life – it’s an experience for eternity.” Intuitively Tamara Lucia has already spent many years practicing energy work by travelling, by working in different environments and industries and by trusting the ‘walk of life’. All the teachings she shares with clients today, she has experienced herself. There were many aha-moments in all its polarity: those that bring understanding, joy and nurture one’s growth!